Tala’s protection is based on our patent pending App Information Model that captures 50+ behaviors on every page on your site. Tala understands how code, content and data exchange happens on your enterprise website and uses this model to detect anomalous activity. Our technology does not rely on signatures, which means we can even block zero-day vulnerabilities from being exploited.

We block JavaScript attacks, third-party compromises, cross-site scripting, content and ad injection attacks and many others – existing security technologies like WAFs, SSL and others are powerless against these attacks.


Tala understands that mission-critical websites drive key customer engagement and revenue for enterprises. One of Tala’s key strengths is our ability to protect without impacting performance – we add minimal latency and negligible impact on page-load time. The secret to Tala’s performance is in our ability to leverage security controls already built into the web such as Content Security Policy (CSP), Sub-resource Integrity (SRI), HSTS and others to detect and block a wide range of attacks.


Tala’s enterprise website risk analysis requires no installation or instrumentation – it provides a comprehensive overview of risks related to advanced attacks, data leakage or disruptions to your users’ web experience. Tala real-time protection installs within minutes on all major web server technologies. Once installed, Tala continually monitors enterprise websites, third-party services and client-side browser activity to provide visibility and incident response.


Tala uniquely provides visibility into third-party services integrated into a website as well as client browsers, by collecting real-time telemetry. Tala’s AI driven analytics crunches through the incoming signals to give you a real-time, ring-side view into your attack surface. With Tala, infosec, risk and compliance or product teams can pinpoint where the issues are – app vulnerabilities, compromised third-parties, reasons for low conversion rates etc.

Tala’s App Information Model

Tala’s core innovation is our ability to build the most comprehensive behavioral model of an enterprise website or web app, without requiring any instrumentation or installation.

Tala extracts 50+ behaviors on every page of your website. Tala automatically identifies the sources of code and content on a page, as well as sensitive data exchange. Tala automatically captures behaviors of JavaScript code.

The Tala behavioral model (Application Information Model) forms a base-line that helps us provide comprehensive risk assessment on whether the site is vulnerable to advanced attacks, third-party compromises, data loss or disruptions in customer experience. The model also helps us detect attacks on your websites in real-time and block them.

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Tala is powered by advanced AI and threat intelligence.

Get the most comprehensive view into how your users are being attacked. Understand the where, how and when of attacks, in real-time. Tala’s AI driven analytics helps you focus on attacks that matter the most.

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