Tala ClientPod is installed as a simple policy change on your web server. It takes minutes to have comprehensive user protection for all your web apps.

Installation Process

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Answers to Your Questions

How does Tala work and how does it integrate with your application?

Tala’s breakthrough Application Information Model (AIM) (patent pending) captures all client-side (PC, mobile) security relevant behavior of your enterprise apps. Tala then uses the AIM to automatically generate a custom protection policy for your app. The policy gets installed on your web server in a matter of minutes and all the users that connect to your app are now protected against app layer attacks. What’s more, as an enterprise security analyst, you get complete visibility into application layer attacks against your users in real-time. Tala requires no changes to the apps and does not require users to download any software or agents.

What web servers does Tala support?

Tala supports all the major web servers. We are also working with an exciting set of partners that will make it even easier for you to deploy Tala for your web apps. To see if Tala can be enabled in your environment, please contact

How does Tala protect and monitor client-side attacks without asking users to download any agents?

Tala’s AIM based policy, once installed on an app server is automatically distributed to all PC and mobile devices that connect to the app. When a user connects to a Tala protected app, the user device receives the Tala policy. Tala’s policy leverages security standards that are supported by all the major PC and mobile browsers as well as browsers embedded in mobile apps.


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