Automate CSP and Standards-based Security

Tala’s advanced analytics and automation engine continuously applies CSP, SRI and other critical controls to protect against the broadest range of client-side attacks.

Solution – Standards-Based Security Policy Automation (CSP)

Client-side attacks target browser sessions to steal sensitive data.

Most security solutions overlook the vulnerable JavaScript integration that power the modern web. This largely unmitigated risk allows attackers to steal sensitive data, directly from browser sessions.

This sensitive data, including transactions and analytics, is highly valuable to attackers, yet only 2% of websites deploy security policies capable of preventing client-side attacks.

Resource constraints, including staffing, complexity and administrative burdens make the effective application of standards-based security challenging for most organizations.

Continuous updating is required

Errors can break legitimate functionality and impact the online experience

Many deployed policies offer little to no protection

Alert volumes can quickly overwhelm security teams

Only Tala automates browser-native, standards-based controls

A comprehensive web security strategy

Tala automates advanced security controls to ensure continuous client-side security is in place, preventing website attacks in real time and protecting sensitive data exchanged and presented on websites. Tala streamlines policy generation, updating, implementation, alert analytics and incident management. Website performance is preserved and costly, continuous administration, remediation and incident response are eliminated.

With Tala, a website can be up and running with standards-based security capability in minutes. Website attacks are prevented in real time, website performance is preserved and costly, continuous administration, remediation and incident response are eliminated.

AI-powered Analytics

Our patented application analysis engine evaluates over 150 unique integration, application and architecture parameters, collecting real-time telemetry to evaluate behavior, data access and browser impact.

Runtime Protection

Monitors all client-side activity and dynamically adjusts security policies to block anomalous behavior and data collection


Support for CSP, SRI, HSTS, Referrer Policy, iFrame Sandboxing and more. When deployed together, no other solution comes close in solution efficacy or future-proof security

Comprehensive Prevention

Protects against the attacks of today, like Magecart, XSS, clickjacking, redirection, ad injection, code injection and, most importantly, the attacks of tomorrow

Continuous monitoring

Integrates with CI/CD pipelines via APIs and continuously monitors your web applications for changes

Attack Analytics

Pinpoints where and how your mission-critical web assets are being attacked, streamlining remediation and enhancing analytics

Make standards-based security work for you

Evaluating client-side security solutions

Tala’s standards-based security automation offers significant advantages over do-it-yourself or JavaScript-based security solutions.

Future-proof your web security

Today you’re dealing with Magecart, but attackers are always evolving. When you apply a comprehensive set of standards, they deliver a wide breadth of protection against every type of attack. Choosing a solution that offers comprehensive protection for the attacks of today and tomorrow must be a priority. Standards-based security, innovated by the brightest minds and deployed at the world’s most security-progressive companies, offers the greatest promise to safeguard against attacks old and new.

Simplified implementation and administration

The world’s leading web experts develop standards specifically architected to protect the modern web. Tala automates these standards and installs them in minutes on all major web server technologies, without requiring any changes to the application.

Tala leverages AI to dynamically apply standards-based security, which is continuously innovated, ensuring future-proof security and assured data protection.

Near-zero performance impact

Browser-based standards and controls offer significant performance advantages over all other client-side security approaches. Because standards-based security is built into all modern browsers, it loads at application runtime, meaning there’s no perceptible impact on user experience or page load times.


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