Continuous Monitoring and Threat Detection

Tala’s detection platform continuously monitors web applications to detect malicious behaviors.

Solution – Continuous Monitoring and Threat Detection

Attackers exploit vulnerable code from third parties and open source libraries

Every piece of code, from every vendor in your website supply chain, can potentially be modified to steal sensitive data or degrade the user experience. If you don’t detect it, you can’t secure it.

Hidden or unmonitored JavaScript vulnerabilities on thousands of websites are targeted every month by attackers to steal sensitive data, financial information and more.

Today’s dynamic web makes dealing with this threat a significant challenge for enterprises, due to:

  • Limited awareness and visibility into the risk profile of their web applications
  • Difficulty with continuously monitoring web application changes to enable timely action that could prevent data breaches

Tala continuously monitors web applications for structural script changes and anomalies to alert on any suspicious activity within minutes

Cross-site scripting and JavaScript insertion attacks exploit vulnerabilities in your code that allow the injection of malicious JavaScript or integration with malicious domains. Tala continuously monitors structural changes in scripts running in your environment to alert you of any suspicious behavior. Tala’s alerting is based on intelligence from hundreds of threat feeds and Tala’s internal heuristics for malicious activity observed from both suspicious domains and scripts.

Tala also detects the presence of code vulnerabilities, expired certificates, use of insecure protocols and risky sink functions capturing all third-party risks, Magecart, and sensitive data, programming, privacy and compliance risks.

How vulnerable is your website?

How vulnerable is my website supply chain?

third-party integrations on the average website
increase in website supply chain attacks
more sensitive data than intended


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