Data Discovery & Information Flow Analysis

Identify risk exposure and analyze all data collected or transmitted via the browser

Solution – Sensitive Data Protection

Prevent Data Leakage

Tala’s comprehensive data discovery and risk tracking platform extends data security to the edge, with no impact on website performance or user experience and no-code integration required.

Tala’s sophisticated analytics and continuous monitoring tool provides fine-grained data discovery, data mapping, data governance and violation alerting for enterprise websites and helps address these critical issues.

Sensitive Data Exposure:

Which vendors have access to what sensitive data?

Sensitive Data Readers:

Which vendors read sensitive data?

Sensitive Data Exfiltration:

Which vendors extract sensitive data?

Data breaches by the numbers

web-related data breaches involving formjacking
sale of credit card info on the Dark Web tripled in 6 months
largest GDPR fine for a data breach tied to Magecart

How vulnerable is your website?

Comprehensive Data Discovery & Mapping

Tala’s advanced scanning and data tracking identifies sensitive data in forms, network requests, cookies and local/session storage. Synthetic javascript virtualization techniques also trace data, identifying integrations that can access, read and exfiltrate data, both intentionally and unintentionally. This delivers valuable data to drive compliance assessments and eliminate data leakage as well as insights for application security, development, data protection, SOC, IR and risk teams.

Identify Sensitive Data

Discover sensitive data in forms, network requests, cookies and local/session storage.

Three Dimension Data Tracking

Data is tracked across three dimensions: exposure, capture and exfiltration/leakage

Data Mapping

Vendor mapping and periodic audits, including:

  • Mapping to third parties
  • Mapping to fourth, fifth and other ‘piggybacking’ vendors
  • Changes to data exposure/leakage patterns over time


Types of Client-Side Attacks
State of the Web Report
Protect User Data and Be Compliant

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