Data Discovery & Information Flow Analysis

Identify risk exposure and analyze all data collected or transmitted via the browser

Solution – Sensitive Data Protection (PII)

Identify leakage and prevent data theft at its source—the browser

Your sensitive data is exposed to vendors in your website supply chain. This exposure, both intentional and unintentional, includes PII accessible to your website supply chain.

98% of websites today lack the controls needed to protect this data – some sites even make it easier for the hackers, sharing form data with an average of 17 domains, over 10 times more than intended.

Without controls, customer data is at risk every time their information is entered, displayed or transmitted via the browser.

This has massive implications for data privacy, as defined by GDPR and CCPA, and has led to large fines and class-action lawsuits.

Tala allows organizations to effectively manage risk by controlling data access and preventing unwanted data leakage.

Data breaches by the numbers

web-related data breaches involving formjacking
sale of credit card info on the Dark Web tripled in 6 months
largest GDPR fine for a data breach tied to Magecart

How vulnerable is your website?

Protect PII and sensitive customer data against advanced attacks

Tala’s data integrity engine ensures PII and other business-critical sensitive data is protected from leakage

Protecting web applications from data theft requires access control and continuous monitoring. Even legitimate third-party integrations provide unintentional access to sensitive data, often without the site owner’s knowledge. Tala identifies all data access and blocks leakage to unintended domains.

PII Exposure Scanning

Analyzes all applications to identify third-party JavaScript libraries with access to sensitive information in forms, cookies and storage

Continuous Monitoring

Monitors web applications continuously to alert on unauthorized exfiltration of PII and other sensitive information

Near-Zero Performance Impact

Activates security policies built into browsers, so website performance is not affected

PII Leakage Mapping

Identifies unwanted leakage of sensitive data and mapping to both trusted and untrusted third-party domains

Leakage Prevention

Continuous fine-tuning of security policies to prevent PII and other sensitive data exfiltration

Future-proof Security

Standards-based security is continuously innovated, ensuring the attacks of today and tomorrow are prevented

Comprehensive PII Protection

There are many different ways hackers can exploit JavaScript to access sensitive data – and many types of data they can steal, from personal data to geolocation information. Tala protects against the widest variety of attacks:

JavaScript Injection



Cross-Site Scripting

Ad Injection

Card Skimming


Tag Piggybacking


All client-side security solutions are not created equal.

When evaluating standards-based security vs. a JavaScript-based security solution against client-side attacks, there are three major factors to consider: security, performance and scale.

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Broadest use-case coverage
Automated policy deployment
Near-zero performance impact
Zero-day threat resiliency
Standards ensure a future-proof solution
Rich analytics and integrated advanced threat intelligence
Multiple integration options, including web servers, CDNs and application middleware
No browser compatibility issues
No single point of failure
Improves third party security scoring (Mozilla Observatory, Report URI)


Types of Client-Side Attacks
State of the Web Report
Protect User Data and Be Compliant

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