Accelerate client-side security deployment with Cloudflare

Instantly prevent data theft and eliminate client-side attacks

Solution – Protection for Cloudflare

Tala’s Cloudflare-certified integration module deploys in minutes

Tala has integrated its powerful web module capabilities into Cloudflare’s service worker platform to enable a serverless, instantaneous deployment. Cloudflare customers can now activate enterprise-grade website security quickly and efficiently from Cloudflare’s 200+ reliable and redundant edge locations around the world.

You don’t have to trade security for performance. Deployed via Cloudflare, Tala automates standards-based, browser-native security controls ensuring zero performance degradation or impact to user experience.

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Expedited Deployment

Tala’s future-proof and data-driven integration platform automatically supports any future updates to security standards and features. Tala’s platform supports Cloudflare’s advanced CDN technology, ensuring the installation of policies in minutes with no changes to application code.

Seamless integration, optimized for performance

Deploy standards-based security without burdening your internal infrastructure

Following a simple installation of Tala’s service worker on your Cloudflare account, you can instantly begin deploying customized security policies. In addition, Tala’s analytics engine continuously monitors your web applications for data theft and malicious or unintended behaviors and alerts any anomalous activity.

Ensuring website security, preserving data privacy and assuring the integrity of your web applications is easy with Tala’s security module on Cloudflare.

Comprehensive Analytics

Tala analyzes over 150 architectural and integration parameters on each page of your web application to identify all third-party services and JavaScript libraries with access to sensitive information in forms, cookies and storage.

Continuous Monitoring

Tala Monitors third-party JavaScript behaviors while they execute in the browser, ensuring only necessary data is collected and accessed. Web application behavior is continuously analyzed and modeled for architectural insight, anomalous activity and unintended access to data.

Real-time Protection

AI-powered automation leverages analytics insights to activate standards-based security capabilities, like CSP, SRI, Trusted Types and HSTS to protect against client-side attacks, including magecart, XSS, clickjacking, iFrame injection, session re-directs and client-side malware.

Incident Response

Analysis is enriched with threat intelligence to classify attacks, alert, and equip incident response teams with insights for remediation

No Performance Impact

The activation of browser-native security policies carries near-zero impact to website performance. No other solution can match Tala’s performance advantage.

Future-proof Security

Standards-based security is developed and advanced by the industry’s recognized experts. Constantly honed policies ensure protection against today’s attacks, while anticipating and innovating against tomorrow’s.

Evaluating client-side security solutions

Tala’s standards-based security automation offers significant advantages over do-it-yourself or JavaScript-based security solutions.

Future-proof your web security

Today you’re dealing with Magecart, but attackers are always evolving. When you apply a comprehensive set of standards, they deliver a wide breadth of protection against every type of attack. Choosing a solution that offers comprehensive protection for the attacks of today and tomorrow must be a priority. Standards-based security, innovated by the brightest minds and deployed at the world’s most security-progressive companies, offers the greatest promise to safeguard against attacks old and new.

Simplified implementation and administration

The world’s leading web experts develop standards specifically architected to protect the modern web. Tala automates these standards and installs them in minutes on all major web server technologies, without requiring any changes to the application.

Tala leverages AI to dynamically apply standards-based security, which is continuously innovated, ensuring future-proof security and assured data protection.

Near-zero performance impact

Browser-based standards and controls offer significant performance advantages over all other client-side security approaches. Because standards-based security is built into all modern browsers, it loads at application runtime, meaning there’s no perceptible impact on user experience or page load times.

All client-side security solutions are not created equal

When evaluating automated standards-based security vs. do-it-yourself or even a JavaScript-based security solution, there are three major factors to consider: security, scalability and performance.

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Broadest use-case coverage
Automated policy deployment
Near-zero performance impact
Zero-day threat resiliency
Standards ensure a future-proof solution
Rich analytics and integrated advanced threat intelligence
Multiple integration options, including web servers, CDNs and application middleware
No browser compatibility issues
No single point of failure
Improves third party security scoring (Mozilla Observatory, Report URI)
Client-side attack detection

Make standards-based security work for you


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