Tala Protect

Comprehensive analysis, attack prevention and data privacy protection

Solution – Tala Protect

Data Security and Privacy Platform

Tala Protect addresses multiple data security and privacy challenges faced by enterprises, without impacting performance or taxing DevOps resources. Tala Protect is designed to:


Ensure data security by preventing advanced website attacks, such as Magecart, cross-site scripting (XSS), formjacking and more.


Harden web applications against browser-based attacks by automating standards such as CSP, SRI and HSTS, without impacting user experience, site performance, DevOps or other resources.


Provide fine-grained data discovery, mapping, governance, risk modeling and alerting for enterprise websites and applications.


Provide actionable insights for ensuring web application integrity, security, data privacy assurance and regulatory compliance.

Data Security for the Modern Web

Tala’s Protect platform leverages core capabilities across data analytics, automation, and data flow analysis to deliver comprehensive security and digital privacy assurance designed for the modern web.

Data Analytics

Tala continuously analyzes enterprise web applications to extract security-relevant behaviors on each page. This insight informs policy automation and enhances information and insights for alerting.


AI-Powered Automation

Continuous analytics provide dynamic feedback to Tala’s automation engine. This engine applies real-time, finely tuned, standards-based policies – for comprehensive, future-proof security. Because Tala Protect activates standards-based security policies that are hard-coded into every browser, there’s no impact on performance or user experience.

Preventative Security Measures

Tala is a standards-first solution. To further enhance the identification of unauthorized data access, Tala leverages non-inline JavaScript Virtualization. This ensures the utility of JavaScript Virtualization as a security and detection vehicle without incurring the serious performance penalties associated with operating this technology in-line.

Standards-Based Protection

Non-inline JavaScript Virtualization

Data Flow Analysis

Tala is unique in its ability to deliver data security and privacy assurance to web applications and websites. Tala Protect enhances its comprehensive analytics by leveraging synthetic transactions to ensure data flow insights across even the most complex workflows. This Web Application Runtime Detection functionality provides critical insights needed to ensure data privacy and key understanding including:

Know your data

including sensitive data in forms, network requests, cookies and local storage.

Know your vendors

by continuously mapping integrations, evaluating 3rd, 4th 5tha, and beyond integrations and monitoring reputation.

Know your risks

through continuous data discovery, mapping and monitoring to discover malicious and unintentional access and exfiltration of sensitive data.


Tala Protect is platform-agnostic and designed for easy deployment. High-performance, native integrations with widely-used technologies ensure rapid deployment. Request a demo to see just how easy it is to protect your website.

How WARP Works

Web Application Information Modelling

A comprehensive inventory and architecture analysis of web application behavior

Tala’s analysis continuously builds a comprehensive behavioral model of the web application to assess vulnerability and occurrence of advanced attacks, third-party compromises, DOM injections, data loss or disruption to customer experience. This application information model works in dynamic coordination with Tala’s automation engine, which continuously tunes and applies standards-based policies that prevent client-side attacks.


Data Leakage Prevention and Compliance

Comprehensive Data flow analysis identifying what data is being shared, where it’s being shared to and who it’s being shared with.

Network requests, indexed DBs, forms, cookies and storage are comprehensively scanned to provide fine-grained data discovery, data mapping, governance and violation alerting. Tala accomplishes this by dynamically scanning application architecture and complex workflows using synthetic transactions and non-inline synthetic JS virtualization techniques to identify all sensitive data on all web applications, including payment details, logins, contact details, passport numbers, SSNs, etc.

Standards-Based Controls Automation

Comprehensive protection without the implementation challenges. Tala protects sensitive data and code by automating security standards, including CSP, SRI and HSTS. No other solution provides the same breadth of coverage and resilience, with no impact on website performance.

Tala’s AI-powered engine works in coordination with dynamic analytics, page artifacts, script behavior and user device features to automatically formulate precise, standards-based policies to protect your website.

Automation eliminates the technical expertise and operational overheads required for implementing standards-based security. It also significantly reduces alert volumes.

Real-time Threat Prevention

AI-powered security analytics and incident management.

Each browser session (mobile or PC) that connects to a Tala-protected web application receives protection policies dynamically, in runtime. These control the behavior of all JavaScript code as it executes on the client browser. Tala’s continuous monitoring engine leverages external and internal threat feeds to record and flag all anomalous script changes at runtime.

Tala’s Tala Protect solution ensures real-time visibility into the attack surface, applying runtime protection via native browser controls. This is accomplished through the continuous application of advanced analytics, machine learning and heuristics to real-time threat intelligence, application information model and telemetry received from browser sessions.

Make standards-based security work for you


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