Protect Web User Experience

What is the Problem?

Enterprises spend large sums of money in attracting customers to their sites, and in building engaging and outstanding user experiences. And yet, conversion rates on the web remain low.

What is the problem? Modern web apps and websites are “client-heavy” and much of the code executes via JavaScript on the client browser. Traditional security controls such as web application firewalls do not have visibility into client-side execution. As a result, enterprise websites are unable to assure content and code delivery on client devices.

What Are We Protecting Against?

Without adequate client-side controls, malicious extensions, client-side malware etc., could inject malicious content and code. These could lead to disrupted user experience, redirection of customers to competitor sites and overall low conversion rates on the web. Traditional security controls such as web application firewalls do not have visibility into client-side execution.


  • Competitor Ads. For example, users could be shown content and ads that are competitive to the products and services an enterprise is offering on their site. An ad injection initiated by a malicious extension running in the browser might display competing product offers.

  • User Redirection Attacks. Malicious code and links could be injected into a page that can redirect users from an enterprise website into a competitor website, effectively stealing users and causing cart abandonment and reducing conversion rates.

  • Broken Functionality and Content. Content and code injection attacks could cause your websites to misbehave, leading to broken functionality and a poor user experience.

  • User Data at Risk. Fake input forms (e.g., login forms) could be displayed to the user, prompting the user to type in sensitive information that could then be grabbed by the attacker.

Tala’s enterprise website security platform helps reduce online cart abandonment and helps increase conversion rates by blocking client-side attacks.


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