Tala ClientPod

Tala ClientPod combines fine grained application awarness and AI driven analytics to protect your web users against a wide range of attacks


Tala protects against dangerous client-side attacks like XSS, CSRF, web injection, ad injection, clickjacking, crypto-jacking etc.

Tala requires no agent deployments on client devices and works on PC and mobile.


Get real-time visibility across all your users through unique, rich attack telemetry.

Understand your attack surface – which part of the app is under attack, what platforms are vulnerable, how your users are being attacked etc.

Identify trojans and other dangerous malware activity.


Automatically enforce CSP and other security headers on all your apps.

Protect your apps and end users against MITB (Man in the browser) and MITM (Man in the middle) attacks.

Tala’s groundbreaking App Information Model (AIM) detects and blocks zero-day attacks.


Tala Analytics mines your attack telemetry and uses a combination of AI, threat intel and heuristics to identify significant, time-critical incidents.

With Tala’s AI driven analytics, you can identify which parts of your enterprise web application are under attack, where the attacks are coming from, what devices, browsers and systems are under attacks.

Answers to Your Questions

What are app layer attacks and how do they impact users?

Modern enterprise web application architectures (e.g., Angular JS, Ember JS) perform more of the processing, store more of the intelligence and data on client devices. Along with this architectural shift, the application threat landscape has also shifted towards client-side attacks such as XSS (cross-site scripting), web injection attacks from trojans and DOM based attacks. Such client-side attacks result in fraud, malicious ads, lower ROI on ad spend, loss of sensitive customer and app data, and customer dissatisfaction.

Why don’t existing application security products protect your users?

Traditional network-based or server-based security products such as Web Application Firewalls (WAFs) or Run-Time App Self Protection (RASP) etc., have no visibility into the users and their devices that connect to the application. In addition, these products use signatures and are powerless against zero-day vulnerabilities.

What is Tala’s Application Information Model (AIM)?

Tala automatically and dynamically analyzes an enterprise web app (either in production or a production-like environment) and extracts fine-grained security relevant behaviors into something we call the Application Information Model (AIM).

Tala’s analysis service is run from Tala’s cloud and accesses your web app like any other end user. Tala does not require access to your source code and is fully automated and can be readily integrated into your existing CI/CD DevOps pipeline. Tala’s analysis does not perform penetration testing or vulnerability analysis – the purpose of our analysis is not to ‘break the app’ but to determine what the legitimate behaviors of the web app are.

What analytics does Tala offer on attack alerts?

When the user of a Tala protected website is attacked, the Tala policy that was sent from the server will notify the device that it has detected an attack. Tala can be configured in detection or blocking mode – in detection mode, the device will not block the behavior but will send an alert to the Tala analytics back-end; in blocking mode, the device will both block the malicious behavior and alert the Tala analytics back end. Tala’s analytics back-end uses advanced machine learning, heuristics, threat intelligence and the AIM itself to classify attacks and provide actionable, real-time intelligence to your security analysts, fraud teams etc. With Tala’s AI driven analytics, you can identify which parts of your enterprise application are under attack, where the attacks are coming from, what devices, browsers and systems are under attacks, whether there is a trojan campaign against your end users etc.


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