Compliance and Privacy Assurance

Drive compliance with global data privacy regulations like GDPR, CCPA and other legislation mandating customer data protection

Solution – Privacy and User Data Integrity

Your website puts user data at risk

Regulations like the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), compel organizations to control and protect customer data. Compliance violations due to data leakage and breaches have resulted in large fines, brand damage and class-action lawsuits.

Websites are a key source of data leakage and have resulted in the largest data privacy fines to date. The problem continues as JavaScript vulnerabilities on thousands of sites are successfully targeted every month by attackers to steal sensitive data, financial information and more.

Without controls, every piece of code running on your website can enable attackers to steal information. Today’s website supply chain lacks widespread security oversight. When compromised, it can – and has – resulted in significant damage to global brands and website owners across all industries.

Cost of GDPR violations

British Airways issued with a large GDPR fine linked to Magecart
Marriott International issued with GDPR fine tied to cyber attack
Payment card skimmers have been identified on 2M websites

Is your website compliant?

Data Leakage & Privacy

While the sensitive data collected by your website might be intended for a single, specified destination, code vulnerabilities, misconfigurations and malicious exfiltration expose it to untrusted third-party integrations via inadvertent or malicious access to cookies, storage, and/or code manipulation without your knowledge.

Gain visibility into sensitive data leakages for incident response, SOC, data protection and risk & compliance teams:


Visibility into malicious and inadvertent leakage of critically sensitive data categories relevant to GDPR, CCPA, etc such as email, username-password, SSN, phone number, etc. Tala also provides the option to define custom sensitive data categories and run scans based on them.

Threat Detection

Detection of Javascript vulnerabilities, including coding risks, unauthorized script changes and domain reputation analysis, leveraging internal and external threat feeds

Actionable Alerts

Tala’s actionable alerts and detailed reports can be easily integrated into existing SIEMs via APIs to ensure ongoing violation monitoring.

Compliance & Risk Management

Tala’s data protection controls protect sensitive data from unauthorized access by both malicious and trusted third parties, ensuring compliance with data regulations.


into the initiation chain or website calls that ultimately caused the leakage of sensitive data (Providing Information Management teams with information for investigating leakages)


on risk patterns and Magecart IOC markers, alerting users to possible violations and vulnerabilities

Comprehensive reports

on sensitive data discovery, collection (including the basis for collection) and mapping, useful for CCPA/GDPR compliance.


Analysis of a JavaScript-Based Solution to Address Client-Side Security
State of the Web Report
Protect User Data and Be Compliant

How can Tala work for you?

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