Ensure Privacy and User Data Integrity

Drive compliance with global data privacy regulations like GDPR, CCPA and other legislation mandating customer data protection

Solution – Privacy and User Data Integrity

Your website puts user data at risk

Regulations like the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), compel organizations to control and protect customer data. Compliance violations due to data leakage and breaches have resulted in large fines, brand damage and class-action lawsuits.

Websites are a key source of data leakage and have resulted in the largest data privacy fines to date. The problem continues as JavaScript vulnerabilities on thousands of sites are successfully targeted every month by attackers to steal PII, financial information and more.

Without controls, every piece of code running on your website can enable attackers to steal information. Today’s website supply chain lacks widespread security oversight. When compromised, it can – and has – resulted in significant damage to global brands and website owners across all industries.

Cost of GDPR violations

British Airways issued with the largest GDPR fine linked to Magecart
Marriott International issued with GDPR fine tied to cyber attack
Payment card skimmers have been identified on 2M websites

Is your website compliant?

Prevent data leakage

Tala’s security engine automates standards-based security policies that safeguard sensitive data, prevent PII leakage and drive compliance with data privacy regulations.

Protecting the data transacted through web applications requires visibility and control of the JavaScript-powered website supply chain. Uncontrolled access leads to unwanted data access and leakage. Even legitimate third-party integrations can cause compliance violations.

Tala accelerates the deployment of robust, future-proof web security standards to prevent data leakage and sensitive data theft, while reducing data privacy risk.

Tala’s AI-powered engine automates the dynamic application and continuous adjustment of browser-native, standards-based security controls. This ensures that all types of client-side attacks are prevented in real time, without impacting website performance or requiring continuous administration or incident response.

AI-powered analytics

Analyzes over 150 architectural and integration parameters on each page of your web application to identify all third-party services and JavaScript libraries that have access to sensitive information in forms, cookies and storage.

Continuous Monitoring

Monitors third-party JavaScript behaviors in runtime, limiting access and ensuring control so that only necessary, authorized data is accessible. Web application behaviors are continuously analyzed and modeled for architectural insight, anomalous activity and unintended access to data.

Near-Zero Performance Impact

The activation of browser-native security policies has near- zero impact on website performance. No other solution can match Tala’s performance advantage.

Real-time Protection

AI-powered automation leverages analytics insights to activate standards-based security capabilities, like CSP, SRI, Trusted Types and HSTS to protect against client-side attacks, including Magecart, XSS, clickjacking, iFrame injection, session re-directs and client-side malware.

Future-proof Security

Standards-based security is developed and advanced by the industry’s recognized experts. Constantly honed policies ensure protection against today’s attacks, while anticipating and innovating against tomorrow’s risk.

Incident Response

Analytics is enriched with threat intelligence to classify attacks, alert and equip incident response teams with insights for remediation.

Comprehensive Data Protection

There are many different ways hackers can exploit JavaScript to access sensitive data, including PII, financial and even geo-location information. Tala leverages expert-developed security standards to ensure protection against the broadest range of attacks.

JavaScript Injection



Cross-Site Scripting

Ad Injection

Card Skimming


Tag Piggybacking


All client-side security solutions are not created equal.

When evaluating standards-based security vs. a JavaScript-based security solution against client-side attacks, there are three major factors to consider: security, performance and scale.

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Broadest use-case coverage
Automated policy deployment
Near-zero performance impact
Zero-day threat resiliency
Standards ensure a future-proof solution
Rich analytics and integrated advanced threat intelligence
Multiple integration options, including web servers, CDNs and application middleware
No browser compatibility issues
No single point of failure
Improves third party security scoring (Mozilla Observatory, Report URI)


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Protect User Data and Be Compliant

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