Prevent Client-Side Attacks

Protect sensitive data from client-side attacks, including Magecart, formjacking and cross-site scripting (XSS)

Solution – Prevent Client-Side Attacks (Magecart)

Future-proof web application security.

Client-side vulnerabilities are the web’s weakest link. Every piece of code, from every vendor in your website supply chain, has the potential to be modified and steal sensitive data or degrade user experience. Unless you control it, you can’t secure it.

Better known as Magecart, formjacking, XSS, and credit card skimming, client-side attacks mainly focus on data theft. They target vulnerable JavaScript that powers much of today’s modern web. Attacks are successful because today, only 1% of website owners deploy client-side security policies that safeguard JavaScript vulnerability.

This threat vector has led to attacks on the world’s leading brands – and one of the largest GDPR fines to date.

Tala’s Web Application Runtime Protection eliminates client-side vulnerabilities that lead to browser session attacks and data theft.

99% of websites globally include multiple client-side vulnerabilities, making them attractive targets for attackers

How prevalent are client-side attacks?

third-party integrations on the average website
increase in website supply chain attacks
more sensitive data than intended
largest GDPR fine for a data breach tied to Magecart

How vulnerable is your website?

Comprehensive Data Protection

Attackers look for the weakest link in the supply chain to infiltrate your website and steal sensitive data. Tala protects against the widest variety of attacks:

JavaScript Injection



Cross-Site Scripting

Ad Injection

Card Skimming


Tag Piggybacking


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