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Tala protects the world’s largest and most reputable websites and applications across multiple industries, against client-side attacks


Retail and eCommerce

Competition is fierce in eCommerce, so are the attackers after your customer data. Securing the perimeter of your eCommerce site is not enough. The average eCommerce website uses up to 60 third-party plugins to deliver a rich user experience with shopping carts, virtual bots, card processing, and more. Today’s hackers are savvy and exploit these third-party plugins to steal sensitive data right off your websites without even breaching your servers.

Tala safeguards customer data and transaction integrity on retail and eCommerce websites from Magecart, cross-site scripting, ad injections and other client-side attacks by automating standards-based security.

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Finance, Banking & Insurance

Customers entrust you with their sensitive data and expect their online experience to be secure, private and consistent with every transaction. You’ve hardened your websites and mobile applications against server-level attacks, but attacks in the browser is a gap. Tala helps financial institutions protect customer data and transactions from client-side attacks with standards-based security.
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Travel & Hospitality

Web performance, especially on mobile, is crucial in travel, ticketing and aviation industries. Your users are fickle—they’re more concerned about finding the lowest price than brand loyalty, making a feature-rich website that converts critical to your success.

Attackers are wise to the vulnerabilities in the first- and third-party JavaScript you use to personalize user experience, increase engagement, track behaviors, and complete transactions. They know you’re probably among the 99% of websites that are exposed at the client-side. Tala automatically protects mission-critical web assets for travel, hospitality and airline industries from Magecart, cross-site scripting, ad injections and other client-side attacks.

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Attacks in the healthcare industry are rising at an alarming rate. Unlike credit card information, Protected Health Information (PHI) cannot be changed so it is a high value for attackers. Hackers won’t miss any opportunity to infiltrate healthcare companies.

Traditional web application firewalls and encryption of data in transit are not enough to secure patient data on your healthcare websites and web applications. You also need to protect client-side data. Tala helps healthcare organizations automate standards-based security to safeguard highly sensitive and private patient records.

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Social Media & Content Publishers

Social media and content publishers are a magnet for cybercriminals. Billions of people have accounts with media companies. The content and data transacted on these websites and web applications are attractive targets for formjacking, ad injections, defacement, clickjacking, and other client-side attacks.

Like other industries, content publishers rely on third-party JavaScript to enhance the user experience, track customers’ behaviors, increase engagement—with little Infosec oversight. If any of the code that executes in browsers is compromised, attackers can steal sensitive data right off of your websites without even breaching your servers. Tala secures the content and data transacted on social media and content publishers’ websites by automating standards-based security.

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How vulnerable is your website?

Tala automates standards-based security to prevent client-side attacks

Tala helps you quickly deploy robust, capable web security standards like CSP, SRI, Referrer Policy, HSTS, Feature Policy, HTML5 Sandbox to ensure the end-to-end integrity of digital commerce.

Tala’s AI-driven analytics engine automates dynamic adjustments to native, standards-based web security policies. This ensures that all types of client-side attacks are prevented in real time, website performance is preserved and the need for costly and continuous administration or incident response is minimized.

Future-Proof Security

Standards-based security offers the flexibility to stand against attack methods old and new

Broadest Threat Coverage

Real-time protection against XSS, clickjacking, redirection, ad injection, code injection and many other attacks

Near-Zero Performance Impact

Security policies built into browsers have zero latency impact compared to other client-side security measures

Zero-Day Threat Resiliency

Automatically keeps up with changes to standards and dynamically adjusts security policies on each browser session


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