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What is the Problem?

Cybercriminal groups unleashed a wave of attacks against enterprise websites and web applications in 2018. Symantec estimates that 4,818 unique websites are formjacked every month. Magecart is one the largest group of cyber-criminals targeting enterprise websites – security researchers have held Magecart responsible for breaches on websites belonging to British Airways, Ticketmaster, NewEgg, OXO and hundreds of other enterprises.

Magecart primarily launches their attacks by adding “card skimming” code into legitimate JavaScript files served on a site. When a user visits the site and types sensitive data such as credit card numbers, the “card skimming” code sniffs the information via the browser and sends it to a malicious server. Magecart has compromised Javascript files served from both first-party servers as well as third-parties integrated into the site.

Traditional Security Mechanisms Don't Work

Traditional security mechanisms such as web application firewalls or SSL do not have any visibility into JavaScript execution at the client-browser level, and thus are unable to detect compromised JavaScript libraries or determine client-side malicious activity. This is illustrated by the fact that many of these websites had been breached for over 2 years, undetected. What’s worse, 1 in 5 of these sites were re-infected only a few days after the breach had been detected.

There has been an explosion in third-party services on e-commerce sites without Infosec oversight, which has expanded the attack surface. Compromised or malicious domains could be inadvertently added to the site. Sensitive application and user PII data can be exposed to unauthorized third-parties.

For e.g., third-party services could collect sensitive information such as credentials, passwords, SSNs as the user is typing them into forms on the site. Third-party services could allow “piggybacking” of other fourth- or fifth- party services that could expose the site to a broader attack surface that may go undetected.

Tala’s enterprise website security platform helps you protect your mission-critical web assets against Magecart-style attacks.

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