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What is the Problem?

Attackers today are targeting websites to impact data integrity, steal private customer information and compromise financial transactions. Client-side vulnerabilities in website security have allowed attackers to compromise thousands of websites globally. These attacks impact consumers and e-commerce vendors alike, resulting in significant financial and reputational costs and represent the number one threat to digital commerce. These attacks impact consumers and e-commerce vendors alike, resulting in significant financial and reputational costs.

Magecart is one the largest group of cyber-criminals targeting the client-side vulnerability in enterprise websites – security researchers have held Magecart responsible for attacks on websites belonging to British Airways, Ticketmaster, NewEgg, OXO and thousands of other enterprises. Magecart primarily launches attacks by adding “card skimming” code into legitimate JavaScript files served on a website. When a user visits the site and types sensitive data such as credit card numbers, the “card skimming” code sniffs the information via the browser and sends it to a malicious server. These attacks include first and third-party JavaScript/supply chain compromises, cross-site scripting (XSS), ad injections and other forms of client-side attacks.

The acceleration of successful attacks has exposed fundamental and universal vulnerabilities in web security and served as a troublesome indicator of the lack of effective defenses for combating this growing threat. What’s at stake is significant as continued attacks risk the erosion of the most important ingredient that powers e-commerce: trust.

Traditional Security Mechanisms Don't Work

Traditional security mechanisms such as web application firewalls or SSL do not have any visibility into JavaScript execution at the client-browser level. Prevalent web security solutions are unable to detect compromised JavaScript libraries or determine malicious client-side activity. For example, third-party services often collect sensitive PII information such as credentials, passwords, SSNs as the user types them into forms. Third-party services also allow “piggybacking” of fourth or fifth-party services that dramatically expand the attack surface.

The universal usage of JavaScript and the explosion in third-party integrations on websites, with limited Infosec oversight and a lack of simple to deploy solutions, has created opportunity for attackers seeking to add compromised code or malicious domains to enterprise websites.

This is illustrated by the fact that many websites have been breached for over 2 years, undetected. Symantec estimates that nearly 5000 unique websites are attacked per month, making client-side attacks, like formjacking, the number one threat to digital commerce. What’s worse, 1 in 5 of these sites were re-infected only a few days after the breach had been detected.

Tala’s enterprise website security platform helps you protect your mission-critical web assets against Magecart-style attacks.

Tala secures websites and web applications against advanced threats that jeopardize the integrity of web sessions. Tala profiles website behaviors and scripts in real time with an AI driven analytics engine. This comprehensive insight assists with the automation of dynamic adjustments to native, standards-based web security policies like CSP, SRI, HSTS and other evolving web security standards.

This innovative combination of capability ensures all types of client-side attacks are prevented in real time, that website performance is preserved and the need for costly and continuous administration or incident response in minimized.


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