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Digital privacy for enterprise websites and applications

Solution – Tala Detect

Data Privacy and Threat Detection Platform

Your website data is at risk. Hidden or unmonitored JavaScript vulnerabilities on thousands of websites lead to malicious and unintended sensitive data leakage and exfiltration. These vulnerabilities impact nearly every website operator, but particularly hardest hit are retail, financial, travel and healthcare websites.  Attackers, along with misconfigured tags and analytics integrations, can lead to data leakage – and compliance issues.

Tala Detect provides complete insight into your website supply chain.

Know your data

including sensitive data in forms, network requests, cookies and local storages.

Know your vendors

by continuously mapping integrations, monitoring reputation and evaluating 3rd, 4th, 5th parties and beyond.

Know your risks

through continuous data discovery, mapping and monitoring to discover malicious and unintentional access as well as exfiltration of sensitive data.

Tala Detect provides Data Privacy Assurance

Web Application Runtime Detection is designed specifically for detecting sensitive data flows and advanced risks in your web application. Tala Detect provides:

Threat monitoring and detection

Continuous monitoring of hashes and common vulnerabilities for scripts in the runtime environment to alert of any suspicious behavior, misconfiguration and detection of unauthorized structural changes to hashes.

Always-on intelligence

Alerting based on intelligence from hundreds of threat feeds and Tala’s internal heuristics for malicious activity observed from both suspicious domains and scripts.

Find, fix, finish

Tala’s continuous monitoring engine automatically detects malicious and anomalous behaviors during web application runtime in even the most complex workflows, providing the actionable insights needed to immediately address data leakage and vulnerability.


All you have to do to get started with Tala Detect is sign up: no installation or integration into the customer environment is needed. Request a demo to see just how easy it is to protect your website.

How Tala Detect Works

Data Discovery, Mapping and Compliance

Tala Detect builds a comprehensive inventory and architecture analysis of web application behavior.

Tala uses dynamic crawling and static analysis to automatically analyze enterprise web applications to extract and evaluate 150+ fine-grained, security-relevant behaviors on each page. Tala’s patented engine provides multiple authentication options and utilizes synthetic transactions to scan complex workflows, automatically identifying the sources of code and content on each page, as well as sensitive data exchange.

This analysis is used to build a comprehensive behavioral model of the web application, forming a baseline risk assessment of whether the site is vulnerable to advanced attacks, third-party compromises, customer data loss or disruptions in customer experience. Tala also detects the presence of code vulnerabilities, expired certificates, use of insecure protocols and risky sink functions. Comprehensive risk modelling captures all third-party risks, Magecart, and sensitive data, programming, privacy and compliance risks.

Advanced Threat Detection

Continuously monitor unauthorized content injection and JavaScript threats in your applications.

Vulnerabilities in your code enable cross-site scripting (XSS) and JavaScript insertion attacks like Magecart to inject malicious scripts or integrate with malicious domains. Tala’s advanced threat detection solves this by scanning applications to generate an initial behavioral model of all scripts as they are executed on the client-side. It then continuously monitors hashes for scripts running in your environment, alerting you to any suspicious behavior. This is done through the periodic computation of hash value deltas for JavaScript files on sensitive pages, and monitoring of unauthorized structural changes to AST hashes to discover indicators of compromise.

Tala combines internal heuristics and multiple external sources of threat intelligence with insights extracted from Tala’s application information modeling and script hash monitoring to alert on malicious behaviors or compromises for third-party domains and JavaScript files. Tala’s continuous detection capability diagnoses JavaScript threats and provides actionable intelligence to help with remediation.

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