Protect your E-commerce Investment

Ensured Performance to drive revenue fulfillment, prevent ad insertion and eliminate redirects

Solution – Block Ad Injection

Up to 20% of your website visitors are being stolen

You’ve invested significant time and revenue crafting the perfect customer journey and boosting conversions on your website. That could all be for nothing if hackers can steal customers away without your knowledge: malicious ad injections and session redirects alter your visitors’ path to purchase.

These attacks target the user’s browser, exploiting widespread JavaScript vulnerabilities to inject ads and redirect sessions to divert website traffic and damage revenues, KPIs and brand reputation.

Ad insertion and session redirects damage conversion

Adware strains detected annually
Hijacking malware types detected
in revenue lost to cart abandonment and session redirects

Does your website prevent ad injections and session redirects?

Ensure E-commerce Revenues

Tala’s standards-based security engine protects your website from malicious redirects and ad injections.

Tala helps you deliver on your customer experience promises and ensure revenues are protected. Robust, capable web security standards prevent ad injections and session redirects, ensuring your customers don’t get more than they bargain for from your website.

Tala’s AI-driven analytics engine automates the dynamic adjustment of browser-native security policies. This preserves user experience and ensures revenue fulfillment. With the powerful combination of these standards, it’s possible to manage all the content and content sources that are allowed on your website. This prevents malicious browser extensions and other third party programs from injecting any kind of content into your user’s browser session without your knowledge.

Comprehensive Prevention

Protects against the attacks of today, like Magecart, XSS, clickjacking, redirection, ad injection, code injection and, most importantly, the attacks of tomorrow

AI-powered Analytics

A patented App Analysis Engine evaluates 150 unique integration, application and architecture parameters, collecting real-time telemetry to evaluate behavior, data access and browser impact

Near-Zero Performance Impact

Activates browser-native security controls, ensuring no impact to site performance or user experience

Run-time Protection

Monitors all client-side activity and dynamically adjusts security policies to block anomalous behavior and data collection in run-time

Future-proof Security

Standards-based security is continuously innovated by the industry’s leading experts to safeguard against current and future risk and data leakage

Protect Your Customer Journey

There are many different ways hackers can exploit your web pages. Tala protects against ad injections and other website attacks.

JavaScript Injection



Cross-Site Scripting

Ad Injection

Card Skimming


Tag Piggybacking


All client-side security solutions are not created equal.

When evaluating standards-based security vs. a JavaScript-based supervision solution there are three major factors to consider: security, performance and scale.

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Broadest use-case coverage
Automated policy deployment
Near-zero performance impact
Zero-day threat resiliency
Standards ensure a future-proof solution
Rich analytics and integrated advanced threat intelligence
Multiple integration options, including web servers, CDNs and application middleware
No browser compatibility issues
No single point of failure
Improves third party security scoring (Mozilla Observatory, Report URI)


Types of Client-Side Attacks
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Prevent Browser-Injected Ads from Hijacking your Customers

How can Tala work for you?

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