Data Security & Privacy
for the Modern Web

Protect sensitive data, enhance visibility, and eliminate client-side attacks.


  • With Tala, I can be confident that my website is bulletproof from attacks and my sensitive data won't end up on the Dark Web.

    Security Leader, Fortune 500 Retailer

  • Tala tells me what sensitive data is exposed on my website, who has access to it, and instantly alerts me if anything changes.

    Financial Services, CISO

Data risk is everywhere

Data is your organization’s most valuable asset. It’s also your most vulnerable, particularly at the point of data display and origination: the customer’s browser.

2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created each day

As the primary connection between you, customers, suppliers and employees, your website generates massive volumes of high-value data.  But the web ecosystem that powers that experience creates risk that extends far beyond your span of control.

Without controls, every piece of code running on your website – from every vendor included in your supply chain – can modify or steal information, putting all of this data at risk. There’s a lot at stake.

99% of websites globally have client-side vulnerabilities, including yours

To steal sensitive data, attackers seek the path of least resistance. Today, that’s the web browser. Modern website architecture’s reliance on JavaScript leaves the client-side exposed, creating significant risk of browser-based attacks. What happens in the browser while visiting your site is your responsibility.

Today, the web operates on the principle of trust, but largely without the ability to control. To truly protect customers and your data, trust, verify and control are essential.

State of the Web

Tala automates standards-based security to prevent data theft from client-side attacks

Broadest Threat Coverage

Advanced analytics provide rich attack surface insights while AI-powered policy engine dynamically applies policies to continuously safeguard browser sessions


CSP, SRI, Feature-Policy and other standards are designed and continuously innovated by the web’s leading experts to deliver future-proof web application security

Near-Zero Performance Impact

Browser-native security controls deliver near-zero latency impacts compared to other client-side security measures

Zero-Day Threat Resilience

Innovation is advanced by the industry’s brightest minds, ensuring protection from current and emerging threats

Industry Recognition

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Tala protects hundreds of millions of browser sessions every month

  • We evaluated more than a dozen vendors and only Tala had the enterprise features and accuracy to give our team confidence in mitigating advanced attacks against our websites.

    VP of Cyber, F500 Company

  • They’re making cutting-edge security accessible and intuitive. That’s real work. That’s bridging the gap between ‘best practice’ and ‘standard practice.’

    Head of Security, Fintech Leader in Private Markets

  • Tala stands alone in measures of performance, scale and security. Their unique ability to monitor and control data leakage as we confront compliance challenges really stood out.

    CISO, Leading Online Retailer

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