Protect Your Websites Against Magecart and Other Advanced Attacks


Tala’s AI-driven, agent-less solution protects PC and Mobile Users against XSS, cryptojacking, click-jacking, ad injection, web injection and other malicious attacks.

Agent-less Protection for your PC and Mobile Users, Installs within Minutes

You can have Tala protection on any of your web assets in minutes.

Agentless, so your users don’t have to do a thing and you don’t have to bother your app development teams.

No complex workflows. One simple install process for all your web apps.

Support for CI/CD pipelines so your security stays in-step with your apps.

AI Driven Security and Threat Response

Tala is powered by advanced AI and threat intelligence.

Get the most comprehensive view into how your users are being attacked. Understand the where, how and when of attacks, in real-time.

Tala’s AI driven analytics helps you focus on attacks that matter the most.

Content Security Policies (CSP) for all your Web Assets

Who said CSP is hard?

Tala uses advanced app analysis and implements the most precise CSP for your web assets in minutes.

We even insert nonces automatically to protect your inline scripts.

With Tala, your web apps will have the strongest CSP to pass vulnerability scanner requirements.


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