• Automated and Continuous App Security

    Tala is transforming application security into a continuous, data-driven science – with Tala, your application security is up to date, all the time

  • Protection against Zero Day Attacks

    Application layer attacks are the biggest cause of data breaches today. Tala’s unique white-list based approach helps detect and block zero-day attacks

  • Agentless, Rapid Deployment

    Tala’s solution integrates seamlessly with your existing application stack and does not require changes to your application or deployment of new agents

  • Next-Gen

    Tala’s technology is compatible with modern app development frameworks and emerging deployment mechanisms such as Docker

Application Security is Broken

Rapid changes in app architectures, deployment technologies, development frameworks and the need for continuous innovation has rendered traditional app security products insufficient or irrelevant. At the core of the issue is that security products such as WAFs don’t understand your application. Application analysis tools are too slow to keep up with modern app development schedules and generate too many false positives. Vulnerability assessment or pen testing alone isn’t enough – it takes several months to patch vulnerabilities.

What enterprises need is a solution that knows your app and uses that knowledge to protect your app against known attack vectors and zero day attacks. At Tala, we are transforming app security into a data-driven science using a unique approach centered around deep application awareness and analytics.

Tala Technology

At the core of Tala’s breakthrough approach is a simple insight - you cannot protect an application unless you know what it is and what it does!

Tala automatically analyzes your application and extracts all security relevant behaviors into something we call the Application Information Model (AIM). The AIM is the security blueprint of your app. We use the AIM to automatically secures an app by enforcing whitelist based policies across clients, web servers and databases.

Tala knows that identifying attacks isn’t enough – enterprises need context and insight to help improve their security posture. Tala mines unique application telemetry from clients and servers to provide visibility into your attack surface and identify remediation mechanisms. We benchmark the security posture of your application to help you track your app security scores over time.

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Automated Protection

Assess/Harden/Protect-Detect/Respond against sophisticated, web-layer attacks by hardening the application – from client to server

Risk Analysis

Comprehensive and fine-grained assessment of your app security posture, including benchmarking against peers

Powerful Analytics

Unique visibility into your app attack surface, hygiene of your customers and enterprise users (e.g., presence of malware and financial Trojans)

Ease of Use

Automated deployment scripts, agentless. A one time deployment from client-side

Meet the Team

Tala is led by seasoned industry veterans, successful entrepreneurs and leading academics. We are currently funded by angels and former executives from Symantec. We are hiring for full time and internships (Summer 2017).

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