fight magecart and formjacking

Defend Against The #1 Web Security Threat

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Content Security Policy is Hard Easy

Implement Critical Security Controls

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Keep User Data Safe

Block Compromised Third-Party Services

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Protect Your Customer’s Web Journey

Increase Conversion Rates and Reduce Cart Abandonment

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Plug and Play | Cybersecurity Batch 3 | Spring 2019

Tala is thrilled to join Plug and Play for Cybersecurity Batch 3!

Reimagined Web Security

Advanced AI To Protect Your Mission-Critical Websites


Tala’s surgically-precise behavioral model detects hard-to-detect attacks.

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Rapid, Continuous

CI/CD ready, so your mission-critical web assets are always protected.

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Smart Response

Unparalleled visibility into your attack surface.

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Security that does not slow your web apps.

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Precise Risk Map and Behavioral Model
Support for Powerful Browser Security Controls
Unparalleled Attack Surface Visibility

Our Customers

Tala protects enterprises from the largest to the smallest and in-between

I tested & purchased Tala because I wanted protection against modern-day web applications attacks such as Magecart, and also desired to automate implementation of CSP & SRI. Tala deployed very quickly & I have been pleased with the performance.

– CISO, Nonprofit Organization

They’re making cutting-edge security accessible and intuitive. That’s real work. That’s bridging the gap between “best practice” and “standard practice.”

– Head of Security, Fintech leader in private markets

Our Solutions

Powered by Advanced AI and Threat Intelligence

Magecart Protection

Tala defends against Magecart, the #1 threat against enterprise websites today.

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(CSP) Content Security Policies

Implement the most precise CSP policy for your mission-critical assets, in minutes.

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Protect Web User Experience

Tala preserves your users’ online web experience and stops hackers from redirecting your users.

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User Data Protection

Tala protects against formjacking, which affected 4,800+ websites, every month, in 2018.

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Payment data breaches: from Point of Sales system attacks to website attacks

by admin

Quick Read A number of technology shifts are pushing hackers to steal credit card data from websites instead of point-of-sale […]

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Tala is powered by advanced AI and threat intelligence.

Get the most comprehensive view into how your users are being attacked. Understand the where, how and when of attacks, in real-time. Tala’s AI driven analytics helps you focus on attacks that matter the most.

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