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Modern web architecture has led to a massive acceleration of website and app-layer attacks like magecart, XSS, session re-directs, and browser-based malware.  These attacks target the reliance on JavaScript and privileged ‘third-party’ access and lead to personal, financial and credential theft, conversion rate impacts, regulatory fines, and brand damage. 

Tala Protects Against the Broadest Range of Client-Side Attacks with Zero Impact to Performance

  • Magecart / Formjacking
  • Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)
  • Sensitive / PII data theft
  • Third-party compromise
  • First-party compromise
  • Clickjacking
  • Cookie stealing/sniffing
  • Protocol downgrade attacks
  • Malvertising
  • Session redirects
  • Customer Journey Hijacking
  • Data Privacy Compliance (GDPR & CCP)
  • Cryptojackng
  • MiTB Attacks
  • Content tampering
  • Domain hijacking
  • Client-side malware
  • Code injection

Only 2% of website operators deploy security policies capable
of preventing client-side attacks

Nearly 70% of the code executing on websites today is third party code
The average website integrates code from 31 third parties
98% of websites use forms to collect PII and financial data
Form data is exposed to 10x more domains than intended

“You may be safeguarding your website from attackers, but you're not safeguarding your customers from your website.”

Tala's founder and CEO, Aanand Krishnan,
discusses the problem


Comprehensive Insight for Continuous Security

Precise Risk Map and Behavioral Model


Tala protects enterprises websites from the largest to the smallest and all in-between

I tested & purchased Tala because I wanted protection against modern-day web applications attacks such as Magecart, and also desired to automate implementation of CSP & SRI. Tala deployed very quickly & I have been pleased with the performance.

– CISO, Nonprofit Organization

They’re making cutting-edge security accessible and intuitive. That’s real work. That’s bridging the gap between “best practice” and “standard practice.”

– Head of Security, Fintech leader in private markets

Our Solutions

Powered by Advanced AI and Threat Intelligence

Magecart Protection

Tala defends against Magecart, the #1 threat against enterprise websites today.

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(CSP) Content Security Policies

Implement the most precise CSP policy for your mission-critical assets, in minutes.

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Protect Web User Experience

Tala preserves your users’ online web experience and stops hackers from redirecting your users.

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User Data Protection

Tala protects against formjacking, which affected 4,800+ websites, every month, in 2018.

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Magecart PCI Advisory on CSP

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An important update from the Payment Card Industry Security Standard Council was issued August 1st defining a set of recommendations […]

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Tala is powered by advanced AI and threat intelligence.

Get the most comprehensive view into how your users are being attacked. Understand the where, how and when of attacks, in real-time. Tala’s AI driven analytics helps you focus on attacks that matter the most.

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